Index of finished paint jobs (02/11/2016)

This page gathers the finished paint jobs posted in the blog, with links to the corresponding posts. This is meant to simplify the navigation. It will be updated on an arbitrary, random basis.

This compendium is not exhaustive and will never be, as not everything is worth being shown and as I do not have pictures of all my older things. But older works will be posted from time to time.

The square-headed toy thing! (September-October 2016)

 The smart guy (September 2016)

(December 2015)

Mohawk (July 2015)
(moderate painting fail)

(massive color fail)

Vato Minimonsta! (December 2014)

Infinity Zero (December 2014)

The evil mime (November 2014)

Chained gangsta inmate (spring 2013)

The Minibot (Early 2013)

Warjack (February 2011)

Space Marine (February 2011)

My Little Cthulhu / The Blob (sometime in 2010?)

 Nurgle Terminator bust (Winter 2007)

Ork boy (November 2005)

The Crow - Le Corbeau (January 2005)

Marneus Calgar (Inquisitor scale conversion, Summer 2004)

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