Saturday, July 1, 2017

Review Moirai cards deck by Bob Case - 200th post!

Celebrating my 200th post on the blog! This time, a review, for a change...

While looking for references for my next project (see two posts below), after hours of browsing through countless thumbnails and proper images, I came across the Moirai Playing Cards project, by Robert Case (illustrator) and Stewart West (designer). I came across a couple of nice reinterpretations of this classic theme, but when it comes to illustration quality, this is one of the best I've seen... and I'm not even mentioning the amount of work and dedication it takes to achieve such a solid, homogeneous result over a whole set of cards!

When I saw it ended up as an actual cards deck, and that it was still available, I could barely resist... and I did not... 

The deck arrived in perfect condition thanks to a suitable packaging (a small cardboard box inside a strong paper envelope). The deck itself comes protected by a plastic film.

No comments needed... This is just the coolest cards deck ever! The quality of the cards is perfect if you want to play with them. If you like it, there are still some copies available on Bob Case's web store.

Also take the time to check out his personal website for more of his artwork! I particularly love his modern twist of engraving-like illustration!

Now the only problem left for me is to find a way to properly reinterpret one of these masterful illustrations to fit the idea I had in mind for months, without simply copying nor looking plain bad as compared to the original...

And to make the 200th post celebration complete, a link to one of the albums that took me by surprise and remained one of my daily listens for the last few months!

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