Monday, June 19, 2017


10000 views!? Well, yes and no. A significant portion comes from "spambots", a few from my checking what the posts look like, and some more from automatic verifications made by Google. Wha-ever! Let's say at least half of them are legitimate, so...

5000 views fo' sho', mofos!

The blog has existed for 7 years, but I haven't really used it before Fall of 2014. Today, there are 197 posts... again, probably with a good half of them not being really relevant. ^^

Just for the sake of curiosity, here's the distribution of the visitors (you!). It's interesting to notice that, although the web is global (and this blog is mainly written in English), most of the audience comes from my original geographic community.

Today, my space for painting/sculpting/drawing/whatevering is still mostly messy and unorganized, but I took the decision not to wait for it to be "perfect" before starting working on some projects again. It's been way-too-long! That and finishing the last details of the never-ending ice cream truck. :D

So, whatever the reason you ended up here, I hope you enjoy this blog and its more-often-than-not non-sense and randomish content. Even you, spam-robot, I know you're doing a tough job but... Hey!... somebody gotta do it!


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