Saturday, April 9, 2016

Warjack - starting from a terrible plastic kit

This time, a Warjack! Older stuff again: back to February 2011, experimenting with some Coat d'Arms colors. I could have been more ambitious on the painting, but whatever...

This mini started from a big deception regarding the kit. More pics below...

I've been attracted by some of Privateer Press Warjacks for a long time. But these metal minis were a bit difficult to prepare, a bit too folded back on themselves and very limited in the possible poses. So when PP announced plastic kits for some of their Warjacks in 2010, I was very excited.

But the opening of the box got me very disappointed: many BIIIIIG casting problems, a lot of grease-like dirt over the plastic, and very limited possible poses again. Talking about "plastic", it even proved difficult to prepare and was impossible to glue with plastic glue. Was is more of a kind of resin? Apart from the heads, not a single part was free from at least a couple of problems. So all in all, it was a real shame for such a well-established brand to propose such a bad quality product, more than 20 years late on the state of the art.

Two possibilities for me: (1) everything to the garbage, (2) massive preparation. I've opted for solution 2, because I really wanted to do something with it, although I had been really disappointed by the utterly bad quality of the kit. The result is shown below: a LOT of sanding/filing, plasticard and milliput to improve/replace some parts, a significant amount of work to improve the pose, and tons of rivets to replace the badly casted original ones.

I don't know what is the quality of these kits today. And one thing's for sure, I'm not going to buy one to see it for myself! Too bad!

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