Sunday, April 10, 2016

Grey Knight Justicar (conversion, Inquisitor scale)

Back to November 2006 with this Justicar. It's one of the few conversions I did of the Artemis Space Marine for Inquisitor (see the post about the Marneus Calgar for more info). The scale is approximately approximately 65-70mm (check out the last 2 pictures, there is a comparison with an actual Justicar at the 40K scale). This was also a commission work, the only one I ever did actually. In fact, in the end I wanted to keep it for myself, because of the amount of work it represented, and because I was quite happy about the overall result.

The conversion job took me about 50 hours between March and August 2005; the painting lasted about 30 hours in the Summer of 2006. It was my first serious attempt at doing TMP seriously; I should definitely to it more, I liked it a lot.

Pics of the unpainted conversion are shown below.

Here is the unpainted conversion. The pics suck big time. No, they don't simply suck, they are the epitome of sucking; I had even less clue of what I was doing with a camera and a software at that time than today. As you may guess, the conversion used a lot of milliput and green stuff; I had also been experimenting with the mix milliput+green stuff. The conversion was supposed to be a decent (larger) copy of the 32mm Justicar.

At that time, the Inquisitor range was being stopped by GW and getting my hands on a copy of Artemis became very difficult. Also, I was starting to feel more confident in the idea of sculpting a whole Space Marine by myself. But that is another story...

Enough with all this old stuff; that's just a way of hiding my current non-productivity. Back to the brushes, I have a damn project to finish!!!

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