Thursday, February 11, 2016

Some thoughts about sculpting regular/geometrical/mechanical parts

In this post, my intent is to share some thoughts about the making of regular parts in a mini. I rather speak of "regular" instead of "geometrical" or "mechanical", because the last two tend to emphasize on a "non-natural" aspect, while the laws of physics and the principles of life have produced countless examples of things, either living or inert, with regular shapes. But anyways, this is just a matter of semantics.

I've tried to compile the result of a couple of years of self-experimentation in a post. I am convinced that minis with regular parts are not more difficult to make than usual, "organic" ones, that have their own difficulties (tensions, folds, achieving a natural aspect,...), contrarily to a widespread misconception.

Update 01/05/2016: here is more detailed tutorial about the same topic.