Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Ice Cream Man project (update 07/01/2016)

First post of 2016. Celebrate good times motherfucker, come on! For the last days, I have been struggling with the color scheme of the skull vato going along with the ice cream truck. And I must say I have very little inspiration. Two options:

1) stick to the color scheme of the "Darth Vatos", in the continuity of my earlier work in this west coast/G-Funk/whatever background

2) go for something more balanced with respect to the truck color scheme.

I've opted for the first option, with color shades that are the same as those used on parts of the truck. In the end, it will look like one of the vatos on the back side of the truck. In the (bad) pic above, I've only put base coats for evaluation.My only regret is that I may have been a bit more ambitious in the clothing/accessories of the dude. I can try to compensate this with tattoos, to be in line with the drawings on the truck, but I have even less inspiration than for the colors at the moment.

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