Sunday, January 10, 2016

Review: "Hellboy", miniature by Akewea

Another review of a mini produced by Akewea, a talented French miniature sculptor and painter. Over the last couple of years, resin copies of some of his creations have been made available; some of them through the DiMinis range of Minisocles web shop, others through Akewea's own indie brand. I've posted earlier a review of a copy of "The Boxer", that you can find here.

This post is a review of a Hellboy miniature inspired by the cover of "The Fury". I'm a big fan of Hellboy, and I've sculpted 2 toys-like versions in the past myself (not yet posted here I'm afraid). In this case, Akewea has opted for a 3D modeling of the illustration above, sticking to Mignola's unique style. You can see good pictures of the green on his blog. I think he did a pretty good job in this regard. The work on the details also respects very well the canonical representations of Hellboy. 

The packaging is the same as that of the boxer mini. It is simple, original and very pro. It is very efficient for protecting any mini during transportation.

Owing to the complexity of the mini and to its motion, it had to be broken down into 6 pieces for casting. The scale is approximately 32mm. Like for the boxer, the casting is made out of resin by GRX Creations, so what you get is a very high quality and a preparation work reduced to a minimum.

 The parts all have struts for making the assembly easier and reducing the gaps.

 Another example of the very high quality of the kit, is the assembly of the back part of the coat . As you can see from the pictures above, the joint line is very thin; it will be very easy to make it disappear. The pics below give you a better idea of the good level of details, and they show you the only mould line I have on my kit which, as you can see, is no big deal, and will be removed easily with a good blade and/or a thin file.

Again, it's a pleasure to see such a level of quality in an indie project like this one. Highly recommended stuff!

You can find some of his minis on the Minisocles web shop, and the other ones by contacting him directly on his blog. You can find some more reviews of his work at the end of this post.

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