Saturday, January 9, 2016

Review: "The Boxer", miniature by Akewea

I was able to get my hands on "The Boxer" by Akewea, a talented French miniature sculptor and painter. Over the last couple of years, resin copies of some of his creations have been made available; some of them through the DiMinis range of Minisocles web shop, others through Akewea's own indie brand.

The guy is a painter himself, both for gaming and for showcasing. I tend to think that sculptors that also do paint have a different approach in sculpting than sculptors who are only into sculpting or who are a bit too obsessed with technical demonstrations. The style of his minis alternate between a sober, comic-inspired approach and a more usual approach, but always with a modern touch, and with a personal touch. Some links to other reviews of Akewea's other minis are given at the bottom of this post.

The packaging is original and of good quality, while remaining simple. The mini is protected by 2 pieces of foam enclosed in a folded piece of cardboard that is slid inside an outer cardboard enclosure, like a matchbox. It is very professional.

The scale is approximately 54mm. You can find more details about its genesis and more (and better) pictures on Akewea's blog. The casting is made out of resin by GRX Creations, so you know what to expect: very high quality and a preparation work reduced to a minimum. The state of the art...

The mini comes in 2 parts. It is set on a circular base, which is quite unusual these days. But it wouldn't take much work either to include it as it is in a larger, more detailed base, or to remove the resin base.

There's a funny detail on the base... the only thing we don't know is who this teeth used to belong to.

There are some light textures a bit everywhere. I wanted to show them in the pictures, but I didn't really succeed.

I'm very happy about this mini: straight to the point, no bullshit and high quality. The attitude of the character is very well represented, the mini is original both in its subject and in its treatment, and very inspirational for a wannabe sculptor like me. I'm a big fan of Akewea's work, and I've never been disappointed by any one of his mini. And it's also refreshing to see such a level of quality and professionalism in an indie project like this.

You can find some of his minis on the Minisocles web shop, and the other ones by contacting him directly on his blog.

Some more reviews of other minis by Akewea:

The Rat, published on Minicreateurs.

Mhida the Hellephant (for DiMinis), published on Minicreateurs.

The Dwarf Slayer (with a removable mohawk, for DiMinis), review by Acétone on Minicreateurs. This is the most dynamix dwarf mini I've seen. I have to get my hands on it!

I'll be posting the reviews about the Rat and the Hellephant here in a near future. But before that, I'll review his version of Hellboy.

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