Friday, December 11, 2015

Step by step: paint markings on concrete

Here's a step-by-step about a way to integrate paint markings on a concrete-like surface. The base will be used for the ork oldie in progress.

Nothing expensive or unusual to be used in this step-by-step: only paper, brushes and foam from a miniature blister.

1) Create the desired drawing on a piece of paper.

2) Cut the shape along its contours, both inner and outer.

3) First paint the surface with the desired color, then stamp the base with paint on a piece of soft foam, like that from a miniature blister. The goal is to achieve a uniform color with a textured effect. (note: the texture is not mandatory, the rest may work as well visually without it)

4) Position the piece of paper with the outer contour on the surface. It will be used to protect the surface. Pieces of adhesive are used to keep it in place.

5) Stamp the inside of the drawing with the desired color. Adjust the homogeneity and level of texture according to your needs.

6) Repeat the operation with 2 or 3 mixes of lighter paint; here I have simply added some white gradually. The goal is to give some depth to the marking.

7) Remove the outer contour of the marking and replace it with the inner contour.I will be used to define the inner parts of the marking where the surface beneath should show up.

8) Paint the eyes/nose with the same color as the rest of the surface.

9) Stamp the surface with as many shades as you like. I usually use both colors that are lighter and darker than the base color. The idea is to create a visual illusion of texture (still very rough at this time) with "hills and throughs". Don't be scared to achieve a high contrast. The next steps will actually decrease the final contrast.

10) Remove the paper that protects the marking.

11) Then it's time to have fun with as many glazes as you like... As you can see, the glazes tend to decrease strongly the contrast of the surface underneath to give a surface that is textured both visually and physically in this case.

This is not exactly the result I wanted to achieve, but I'm still quite happy about it. Let's hope it will integrate well with the miniature... Now I'll be forced to treat it in a slightly modern fashion instead of a 'Eavy Metal-like old school style. I hope my mojo will be high this weekend, to be able to move on with the mini!


  1. J'adore !
    Je vous "piquerai" l'idée très vite, Monsieur Loki.

  2. Simple, efficace, à se demander pourquoi je n'y ai pas pensé avant.