Sunday, December 20, 2015

Ork Runtherd oldie: done! (moderately bad pictures inside)

That's right! Finished in time for the challenge. It surely has no chance, but at least I can stick to my word of entering with a dedicated mini. The pics are not great (a bit dark and lacking depth in the colors), but they give a fair idea.

This mini taught me a few things:

1) I'm still in love with that modelling style that really was one of the decisive elements for me to start and keep doing it a bit more than 20 years ago (damn!). I think I'll be looking for old minis on the web a bit more often.

2) These old school minis have a very decent quality in terms of casting. The only weak point is the plastic parts, that are clearly one step behind both in terms of design and casting. If I have the occasion to paint other ones in the future, I may try to resculpt plastic parts.

3) I still suck at 28mm.  :D

4) I have to improve my photo skills, damnit.

Now I've got some time to think about the next Pit Fighter Challenge, the Best of Show award of next Painting Crusade and the right side of the Ice Cream Truck. Oh, and some more nonsense drawings for my buddy Thantor the Great. How many hours in a day, you said?

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