Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Ice Cream Man project (update 29/11/2015)

A little update at the end of the weekend.I've been bus with the black/dark grey parts, and with the center of the logo (white disk and brown ring). If my mojo is with me, I should get through the rest before another week is over, and move on to the ork oldie of last post.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Short break: oldie but goodie!

Minicreateurs did it again: a little painting challenge dedicated to oldies! Oldie but goodie... "vieille mais bonnasse" for the french-speaking. This time I'm decided to enter the challenge for the fun of it. I was able to find this nice ork runtherd from 1990, hoping I can get something good out of it. The only modernization I've allowed myself is a more recent gun (an ork bolter from GorkaMorka bitz) that is still compatible in terms of style. I couldn't use the old bolter that looks a bit ridiculous today (and not very well defined in terms of details).

I'll start working on it when I'm done with the back face of the truck. That will be a nice little challenge for me to get my brush back on such a small detailed mini!