Saturday, July 4, 2015

Review: gangstas by Lux Thantor Miniatures

I have just received 2 minis by a brand new French editor, Lux Thantor Miniatures (check out his blog for more pictures of the greens and other nice things). Among the first minis he's proposing, there is a nice pair of gangstas. It seems that the virus is spreading over the world of minis!

 The scale is 35mm to the eyes, with realistic proportions.

Gangsta 1

Gangsta 2

 As you can see, the casting is of very good quality. The gangsta 2 has no defects. For the gansta 1, apart from the flashes that can be removed very easily, there is a slight mold line on the inside of the legs (it's even hardly visible - the location of the mold lines seems to have been very well chosen, another good sign of the quality). A sharp blade and a couple of minutes will be enough to clean it. The resin itself is top quality. The location of the cutting lines for gangsta 2 is also very practical. It will be easy to mask the joints; I'm not even sure they will even require putty. The minis themselves are just as good as the greens : very well balanced proportions, a lot of attitude and personality, good job on the details, folds, etc...

 So don't hesitate, they're worth it!

Update 31/01/2017: the review of the third gangsta is here!

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