Saturday, July 4, 2015

Ice Cream Skull Vato! (conversion, step 1)

There's a heat wave at the moment, stopping the progress on the van. So in parallel to other things I cannot show for the moment, I'm starting the conversion of the Skull Vato that will go with the van. I want to give the dude some more clothes, so the first concern is to force the putty to adhere to the surface.

At first, I simply tried using vaseline gel as "glue", which is pretty efficient as it acts like a solvent for the putty. BUT it also means that it softens and degrades the putty. That, coupled with the ambient heat and the fact that the layers will be thin, it proved a wrong idea.

So back to basics: I have scratched the surface with a blade. I have also removed some of the details that will be hidden eventually; this will avoid some problems of "print-through".

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