Wednesday, June 17, 2015

When the shit goes down...

 ... you gotta be ready!

Today I'm -finally !- showing you (bad) pictures of the model of the truck! All the panels and some of the details (door handle, side mirror) are made out of plasticard, the larger details (wheels, bumpers) are made out of super sculpey, and there is also some balsa involved in the bottom part of the chassis (to summarize: to strengthen it, stabilize the assembly a bit, and simplify some shape adjustments). It's approximately 150 x 95 x 85 mm of glorious ice-cream-truck-itude.

This was my very first serious attempt at making something out of plasticard, I've learnt a lot from it, made many mistakes and developed some "tools" and "rules of thumb" to ease/improve the process. I have a tutorial in mind about it, but it will be for later (later like... more likely in 2016...). Of course, there are things I would do in a different fashion now that I have a bit more experience, but I'm still happy about it.

The next step will be to cover all these empty surfaces with glorious bad taste!

Celebrate finesse with some more finesse: Donnybrook! (too bad I couldn't find a version with a better sound quality)

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