Sunday, June 28, 2015

One step forward! (image transfer results + afterthoughts)

So here's the outcome at this stage, after transferring the drawings to the truck. The least I can say is that I am very happy with the result. Especially considering the amount of effort involved. Usually, I'm not on the lazy side of life, I like to do things the hard way, but I was scared not to be able to reproduce the drawings well enough, and that it would look dull in the end.

At first, the left side turned out to be a disaster (see below). I have started with the back and front sides; it turned out pretty good, which probably gave me too much confidence. Then I did the left side, and I directly had the feeling that I was putting a layer of medium that was too thick. I guess that's why it messed up so bad. So I just covered it with white paint and did it all again. I still need to redraw some details that were lost, but it's no big deal.

So the conclusion is: no it is not a miracle solution, considering that it is possible to screw up. But the screwing did not come from the process, but from myself, by putting too much medium. Better keep it a thin coat, make sure it covers everything, and make sure you apply a good amount of pressure everywhere by rubbing with your fingers, tools, etc.

In general, areas closer to the edges of the truck (or windows, etc) show more scratching/chipping, probably because I was scared to damage the truck itself by pressing too hard.

Count at least 1 hour for cleaning a 5x5cm² area (2x2 in²). It is long but you have to take the required time and gentleness to make sure it is clean, and to avoid damaging it.

I should be taking the time to make a proper illustrated tutorial to close properly this topic about image transfer.

Some Psycho Realm stuff to celebrate. This album is one of the elements at the root of all this "Vato!" stuff I've been doing for like 6 years now. For those who dig Cypress Hill's material from the mid-nineties and would like to have some more of something in the same vein!

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