Monday, May 25, 2015

Getting messy with mayan glyphs: done!

Here are a couple of "work in progress" pictures, just to give you an idea of my usual drawing process. Yesterday, I was left with a combination of images assembled in an image software. Most came from online references, and the rest was drafted with a graphics tablet. The problem is that some of the elements I've copied from reference images are a bit rough, with thick lines that make them look a bit clumsy. So I need to redraw everything to have a rendering closer to what I would actually use. To do that, I've printed this image to a size convenient for (manual) drawing, and I have traced the drawing by transparency with a pencil, on a blank sheet of paper (above).

The next step is to redraw everything in a clean fashion, with a pencil. It's also the best moment to modify/simplify a design if needed.

The next step is a basic inking with black indian ink. It has a couple of objectives: allowing to easily erase the bad pencil strokes from the actual drawing, improve the contrast for the digitizing step, homogenize the drawing strokes and avoid the typical shininess of the pencil stroke.

Here's the final result, after the inking and after erasing the bad pencil strokes. Within a couple of days, I shall show you how this drawing will be used...

For your curiosity, this shows some of the drafts and intermediary drawings I have been working with. Although I try to be more efficient by using digital tools, it cannot yet replace totally some physical work for me. That plus the fact that I always have a pencil and a piece of paper with me so I can do something out of dull moments.

And now something for you ears... another of my current musical obsessions.

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  1. C'est chouette, rien que la disposition sur la feuille... :)