Monday, April 6, 2015

Pit Fighter Challenge: the end

Here's the outcome of my entry to the "Pit Fighter Challenge" on the forum minicréateurs.

To be honest, I'm far less than happy about this dude. My feeling is that I couldn't have picked a worse color for the body. If it wasn't for my commitment to entering the challenge, I wouldn't have finished it, or at least I would have just sprayed white paint all over it to start from zero again. And if it wasn't for the 13 WIP posts I have been posting before, I wouldn't have shown this version which I consider a fail.

On top of that, it turned out very difficult to photograph because one of the colors of the body is shiny. Like even after a heavy coat of matt varnish, I can't get rid of massive reflections. For example, all the purple/blue shades I've used in the shadows of everything have disappeared on the pictures. Duh.

That's about it. Maybe some day I will just put a new white basecoat to redo it. Or sculpt a new version and go for a better color scheme. At least now that it is "finished" and that I'm done with the 2015 Painting Crusade, I can get back to 100% personal projects again. And hope to find a better inspiration with colors in the future!


Let's move on.

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