Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tip: drawing on plasticard

I've been moving slowly on the next project, so I don't have much to show. I don't mind posting work in progress, but right now I'm still more working on inspiration, and trying some things a bit randomly, which i think is not worth a post.

In preparation of my project, to make a break on the "quest for inspiration" and drafting, I thought I might have a look at potential techniques for transferring a drawing (potentially quite complex) to a plasticard surface. I've found some tutos on the web, some of which are unpractical for minis/models and/or smooth plastic surfaces, and some of which that may be more practical but that require buying stuff I don't have at home (and taking the time to go buying it, which I don't have neither). So I thought I should just have a look at what can be done with a good old pencil... The process is described below.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

No credit, puto!

Movin sloooooowly on the preparation of the next project. Tryin' out different things. This one's shamelessly stolen from this great caricature of Danny Trejo. I'm going to hell for this one.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Pit Fighter Challenge: the end

Here's the outcome of my entry to the "Pit Fighter Challenge" on the forum minicréateurs.

To be honest, I'm far less than happy about this dude. My feeling is that I couldn't have picked a worse color for the body. If it wasn't for my commitment to entering the challenge, I wouldn't have finished it, or at least I would have just sprayed white paint all over it to start from zero again. And if it wasn't for the 13 WIP posts I have been posting before, I wouldn't have shown this version which I consider a fail.

On top of that, it turned out very difficult to photograph because one of the colors of the body is shiny. Like even after a heavy coat of matt varnish, I can't get rid of massive reflections. For example, all the purple/blue shades I've used in the shadows of everything have disappeared on the pictures. Duh.

That's about it. Maybe some day I will just put a new white basecoat to redo it. Or sculpt a new version and go for a better color scheme. At least now that it is "finished" and that I'm done with the 2015 Painting Crusade, I can get back to 100% personal projects again. And hope to find a better inspiration with colors in the future!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tutorial: sculpting a Skull Vato

This tutorial is dedicated to a miniature from head to toes; it tackles a project with a low complexity in terms of shapes and details. The putty used is Super Sculpey; tools are quite varied: steel wire, flat and cutting pliers (for the armature), a calliper and a plastic set square (useful at almost all steps), different clay shapers, a good modelling knife and various spatulas (most of them of my own design) - see the note at the end of this tutorial.

Note that this mini is approximately 8cm tall, hence some techniques and problems may be more specific to that "large" scale. However, I think it is still relevant for all those who want to start sculpting.

A French version of this tutorial is available here.

Lookin' for a color

Lookin' for a color for the Pit Fighter. Damn, it ain't easy to choose!