Monday, March 2, 2015

Working around the Skull Vato

I will carry with me the couple the fewcopies of the Skull Vato! that are for sale, at the next Painting Crusade. Let's face it, the chances I would sell a single copy are rather small. Yet, I just got obsessed with the idea of working on some sort of light "packaging" for them, in the form of a little leaflet to be put into the plastic bag. So tonight I just set randomly on a piece of paper the elements I thought may get on this leaflet.

Here's the current outcome after roughly cleaning and assembling the selected elements. I will get it printed to check what it actually looks like at the right size, and see what should be improved (and if maybe I should rather forget the idea for now). By just looking at the numerical version, I already have 1 or 2 ideas to try and improve it. The left side at least, it sucks.

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