Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Temporary packaging for the Skull Vato

Here's the final outcome. I've still worked on it for an evening, trying to improve the handwritten lettering. I didn't yet find the time to make a clean transfer from the paper to the picture softwares, so I finally gave up for now, and opted for the good old computer fonts.

The actual paper will be folded in the middle, so that it will be a double-sided 100x70mm "card" in the end, inserted in the plastic bag with the mini. It's as sober as soberness can be (at least coming from me), and when you're talking about cheesy gangsta-inspired toyesque miniatures. I may actually add small spontaneous handwritten drawings/letterings with each outgoing copy (provided that I would actually sell one, of course :D ). We'll see!

I'm not really happy about it for the moment, but that's the cost for waiting until the last minute... I need to stop wasting time on it for now, as I already have enough to do to finish preparing PCXII, and to move on my entry for the Pit Fighter Challenge. I haven't touched it in two days already, so I lost the nice momentum of the last update.

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