Sunday, March 22, 2015

Pit Fighter Challenge: WIP (9)

A seemingly minor update as the changes are not obvious. The dude's got new feet, almost finished. It also has the beginning of hands. And I have also smoothed and removed little defects here and there on the volumes of the abdomen. Next time, I'll go on with the hands: better define the length of the fingers (that are way too long for the moment, reshape the visible parts of the palms, add the thumbs, etc... It will be a bit long, but once it's done, it's another big step that will be over, opening the way to the head, and then to the weapons and the (very) few details.

And a nice track by Torche, to celebrate the slowness. I'm rediscovering their early work as they've had a new album out. I don't know yet what I think about the new stuff, but their old one still rocks. I can sculpt for hours at night on tracks like this one.

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