Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pit Fighter Challenge: WIP (8)

Overexposed pictures of the update, after 3 evenings of work. It does not seem like it has moved a lot, but I did progress on the legs and on the arms (except the feet and the hands), as well as on adjusting volumes here and there. Some parts are almost finished but still need refinement. Anyway, I will also have to take some shortcuts on this one, and to accept some faults here and there, as the deadline is coming closer.

At least the good news is that I'm working on it, and enjoying it. For the first time in a long series, I'm avoiding the long miniature-less period that usually follows a Painting Crusade.

Tomorrow, I'll refine what I did on the legs and arms, and move forward on the feet and, hopefully, the hands too. It's taking shape and I'm happy about it, although it's crappy. :)


More slow'n'heaviness by Weedeater, coming from their great second album.

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