Monday, March 16, 2015

Pit Fighter Challenge: WIP (7)

Back to business with a small update. But at least, there is an update! I've thickened the legs (the knees are still missing volumes on the sides), reshaped a bit the implantation of the legs and the butt, added embryos of hands, started refining the shape of the forearms and made some small corrections here and there.

I'm almost done with the volumes. For the details, the problem is I don't really know yet how I will "dress" it. It will probably be minimalist. Maybe mostly naked, to go for some sort of tribal warrior. We'll see! I still have 2 weeks before the deadline of the challenge: I will probably need the coming 7 days to finish the sculpture. The painting will have to be quick.

Another great track by Suma, this time taken from their first LP.

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