Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pit Fighter Challenge: WIP (13)

Cracks. It's a bit of a recurring current problem. It's not so bad, but I'm trying to figure out the potential cause(s). At least, it takes only a little hour to fill so many (and so large) cracks, so it's no big deal all in all.

So this is what the dude looks like after 1 hour of playing with milliput "juice". As soon as I finished it, what I feared just happened: I damaged the hair. And not in a place where it would be barely noticeable, of course. No, no. Right in the front!

Fortunately, it did "more worries than harm" as we say in French. Not too many pieces of hair were damaged, and I have been able to glue some of them back, more or less in their original configuration. With a bit of luck, the paint will hide the remaining flaws. It will not look as good as it used to, but it should be ok.

The problem is that larger damages would be impossible to repair and force me to make him bald, which would remove much of its visual interest I think. So I have to figure out a way to handle it more safely and, even more importantly, to put it down on the table in a way that is always stable. That will be for tomorrow. Today could have been worse, but it was a serious warning!

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