Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pit Fighter Challenge: WIP (10)

Moving forward! The deadline is approaching, and I still have to paint it. So I think that I'll mostly keep it as it is. The naked warrior! So damned dumb that he doesn't really even know if he's got clothes on or not.

I still have to make the two weapons he's carrying for fighting. The mini also requires an extensive work of smoothing almost everywhere. Maybe I'll do some of it after the baking, it may be easier in some areas. I'm not yet convinced to keep the hair on top of his head. It actually looks better on the pics than in reality (a bit too long). And I won't re-do the whole thing (not really because of the time needed, but more because this kind of decision typically involves regrets afterwards). The best thing is to sleep over it.

Another track by Torche, from their 10". Not that I'm in a melancholic mood, but these dudes have some solid tunes. That and for the cover artwork by John Baizley.

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