Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Project XII work in progress (8)

I haven't been able to move at full pace, but it's progressing. I'm gonna keep it über simplified to serve as the trophy for Painting Crusade XII, and as a preparatory work for the "Pit Fighter Challenge" on the Minicréateurs forum.

Talking about slow but forward motion, check out the almighty Buckaduzz!

The band only put out a single EP, "The Big Slow", but it's damn solid and highly recommendable to whoever enjoys stoner/sludge. Check out the other 2 tracks "Gunslinger" and "King Crab"; they're not as groovy as Aquanaut, but they still rock (be sure to check out King Crab's great jazzy mood). For some time, the EP was made available for free by the band, so it's not so difficult to find.

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