Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Project XII work in progress (11) : the end!

Almost done! It still needs its base and that will be it! The pictures are a bit overexposed, but that colour is not so easy to capture with my camera. Anyways... it's kinda golden as this dude will be the trophy awarding the "Best of Show" of the next Painting Crusade, awarded by the event staff; its winner is also invited to be the head of the guest judges of the following edition. As usual, I wanted the BOS trophy of this edition to be connected with the exclusive mini(s), this year being the badass side of life.

Technical aspects: I've only used a good old brush on this one, with layers of well diluted paint. This time it's 100% Coat d'Arms: I've started with a base coat of 213 Flesh, then layed down rough shadows with 506 Desert Sand. Afterwards, I've started lightening the 506 Desert Sand by adding 213 Flesh gradually, then used it pure again, and then mixed it with 101 White. The NMM on the brush is a mix of 102 Black, 516 Iron Grey and 101 White.

Now it's time to move on to the next project!

As I've been quite fast on the painting of this one, let's cut with the "slow & heavy" for a while, and inaugurate the "fast & loud" with Tragedy's "Beginning of the End", as the end (of this mini) is near!

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