Friday, February 20, 2015

Pit Fighter Challenge: WIP (1)

Back to the Pit Fighter Challenge of the Minicréateurs forum. The work on the preceding mini, used as the "Best of Show" trophy for the next Painting Crusade was more of a test for that kind of design and volumes. This time, I will try to stay closer to the initial design. Hopefully. Yesterday evening I moved a bit faster than on the first one; having this one available for taking measurements and so on made the job a bit easier. During next session, I will finish the cores, scratch and then bake them, adjust the position if needed, and then start with the main volumes. More to come!

And to go along with today's post, here's a wild and epic song by No Rest, a female-fronted band from Brasil. Let's just hope that the pace of this new project will go along the beat of this song!

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