Thursday, January 1, 2015

Vato Minimonsta! (the paint job)

Vato Minimonsta!
The first post of the year goes to... the last mini of 2014. Talk about metaphysics.

So back to the arthritic fella first shown here. Straight pinked up... gangsta pink, vato! Painted with much fun during the last days of 2014, using only Coat d'Arms/P3 paints. The pink is a mix of 157 Warlock Purple, 129 Vampire Red and P3 Midlund Flesh. It was first highlighted by adding more Midlund Flesh, and then with 213 Flesh (a must-have!) and 101 White. Some 509 Brick Red was also used for the linings here and there. The blue of the eyes is 239 Bavarian Blue.

Plain fun with saturated colors on this simple and quick mini. One more to be removed from the queue on pending projects. I've never been so productive.

This is what my palette looked like after I was done with the flesh of the pink dude.

And the soundtrack to start the year bumpin'... G-Funk from the LBC.

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