Monday, January 19, 2015

Project XII work in progress (2)

Back with the big dude. For step 2 above, I have printed the preceding sketch, traced it roughly on another sheet of paper (by transparency), and then refined the sketch manually. I'm still much more comfortable with a real pen than with a graphic tablet. I have also tried to suggest basic volumes with a wire mesh.

 For the next step, I try to draw a frontal and lateral view of the mini. I find this step useful for a better visualization of the volumes and of how they are connected together. It is also very useful for measuring the actual length of the various parts of the armature: in particular, the spine and the neck can be tricky as they are noticeably curved. I will also use it to define the shape of the cores.

I have to say that these 2 drawings are not sexy, and that the mini will most likely not look exactly like that. First, because I'm not good enough to perform an accurate transformation of a drawing into a mini. And second, because there is a gap between 2D paper work and actually shaping clay in 3D; the first allows many shortcuts and inconsistencies that are not allowed by the latter. By the way, you may notice some slight differences between the left and front side of the frontal view, as I have experimented different design options. I will go for something more similar to the right part (your right). Ultimately, I will try to stick to the very nice dynamics that I have copied from the original illustration (see part 1).

I have cleaned the picture above to obtain the "final" template shown below. I will resize it, print it, and use it to make the armature and the cores. I have some ideas regarding the actual position, that you will discover as the work progresses.

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