Saturday, January 3, 2015

Nurgle Terminator bust (part 1, the conversion)

And now, for something completely different... this is quite an old job, dating back to late 2007. This is a conversion of a Space Wolf terminator bust by Forgeworld (an example of what the initial design of the bust here). The conversion essentially consisted in removing all the space wolf and  loyalist symbols, and to turn it into a nurgle-like dude.

Apart from a few bits of plasticard and 2 little parts of green stuff, the whole conversion was done with Super Sculpey. It was still clumsy as my experience with sculpting in general, and with that putty in particular was not very deep. I imagined the material of the armour as a composite using a foam-like material (for shock absorption and light weight) protected by a thin hard shell. The nurgle-like mutations appear mostly through chipping/cracking/tearing of the outer shell, as well as local transformation into organic elements. I chose to keep the head mostly "clean", and to bring the nurgle touch through the painting. So nothing particularly gore, as it does not relate to anything in my "style" nor in my tastes.

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