Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The (Yellowish) (Cylinder) Thing

Behold the almighty Cylinder Thing, in glorious colors!

Here's the painted version of the Cylinder Thing, introduced here. It was kind of a quick paint job (something like 5 hours), so it didn't really end up the way I intended. But I had much fun.

Technique side of life: painted with foam (for the textured "shadows") and brushes (mostly very diluted glazes, except for the highlights), using Coat d'Arms 101 White, 215 Oriental Flesh (a must-have), 231 Mid Grey and 157 Warlock Purple, as well as Formula P3 Menoth White Highlight.
After the Bean Minimonsta, this may look like the beginning of a yellow period. It's just that I feel comfortable with that kind of yellow, and with that foam & glaze technique inaugurated accidentally about 5 years ago. So it's just my lazy way of getting back at painting in a happy fashion!

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