Monday, December 29, 2014

Infinity ZERO: done.


End of the ZERO. Not my best mini so far, for sure, but it's one I'm glad to remove from the everlasting queue of "future projects". I've added a number on the base, from (good) advices kindly given by fellow mini makers. But I failed at making it look good; another time I should have stuck to my rule of thumb of not trying to "improve" something that I considered finished. Well... better imperfect than undone!

I first thought of a purple/pink instead of the turquoise, but I couldn't find the proper tone that would fit the colour scheme of the base. I'll keep it for other projects! I've used only Coat d'Arms paints on this one. The turquoise is a mix of 132 Aquamarine, 507 Sea Grey and 101 White; the "ivory" is a mix of 215 Oriental Flesh, 213 Flesh and 101 White. Some hints of 505 Green Grey were also mixed with these colours for the dark turquoise touches here and there.

The next project is already on tracks!

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