Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Infinity ZERO (WIP): the base

Here's the work in progress of my current project. It has been on my desk for more than 2 years and I'm finally giving it some attention. The mini is a Zero for Infinity, shown above.

We start with the base, approximately 58mm tall, custom-made with plasticard glued over a balsa core. My goal was to obtain this tilted, round passageway to create some dynamics which I thought would suit the very special motion of this mini. As compared to the emptiness of my usual bases, it was an elaborate design. I will give more details about how I built it in a later post.

Right now, lets focus on the painting...

My goal was to represent an industrial metallic structure with a thick and textured layer of paint over it. I was feeling like going for a blend of faded light green as the general direction around which I would build the color scheme.

I'm not sure yet if the greyish metal parts will remain as they are currently. I may redo them completely once the mini is done. Also, after sleeping over it for a couple of nights, I think that I went a bit too fast, that I could have been more ambitious on this one. But at least I'm working on that mini, after letting be covered with dust for wayyyyy too long, and I'm having fun. And I'll keep the new things for bigger, more personal projects, to follow in the coming months.

Now I'm face-to-face with the mini itself. And it's intimidating. It's tiny but it has a lot of details and of different areas. It's much smaller than all I have been painting for years! So the real business is starting again!

Later, I will prepare a tutorial about how I built this base, and I'm thinking about a general tutorial about this kind of coloured texture that I like so much, with different examples coming from various projects. But that's for later, now I shall let the keyboard down and seize the brush.

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