Monday, December 22, 2014

Afro skull gangsta! (1/2 the sculpt job)

This mini was sculpted to be the "Best of Show" trophy (hence the crown) for the 9th edition of the Painting Crusade in February 2012 (you can read an event coverage on Corvus' great blog). It is the third variation of my "Skull Vato" design (you can find an extended tutorial on the sculpture of that design here - it should be translated to english early next year).

That year, the BOS was taken by Roman "Jarhead" Lappat of the infamous Massive Voodoo crew.

The mini is approximately 10cm high (without the crown). It is mostly done out of Super Sculpey, except for the hair (fimo classic) and the crown (yellow-grey milliput). The painted version is shown here.

Something for your hat:

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