Monday, November 24, 2014

Evil mime: the sculpt job (1/2)

Here's the green of my entry for the "black & white" mini-challenge launched on the minicréateurs forum. The goal is to paint a mini using only black and white paints. My laziness brought me back to the concept of a mime on a paved floor, based on a drawing I did during the party at the last Painting Crusade. No need to say there can thus only be serious business going on. Especially if you know "La Cité de la Peur". Blame Pascal/Leetah!

The mini is approximately 40mm-high at the top of his big head. I tried "speed sculpting" on that one; it still ended up with a good 15 hours (excluding the armature), but that's not so bad as compared to my usual tendency to lose much time. The hands in particular have made me sweat. It's far from perfect, but I'm quite happy about the ratio result/time.

In brief, the initial drawing.

After numerising the image, I cleaned it and resized it down to the good scale. Then I determined where the armature and the cores would be.


The armature/cores finished.



The mini finished. It came out with a creepier look than on the concept.



The first hat I did was too large. After some comments from mini-mates, I tried to make a smaller one.

Pictures of the final painted version to be added soon.

The sculpting was done with a blend of Super Sculpey, Sculpey Firm and Fimo Classic. It was finished mid-November 2014.

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