Monday, November 24, 2014

Bean minimonsta!

Behold the mighty bean minimonsta,
haunting your cassoulet,
eating it from the inside!

This fella came out of nowhere while I was trying to find a design for the exclusive minis of Painting Crusade 2014. I took a bunch of Sculpey and a spatula and tried to reproduce a random drawing drafted a couple of hours earlier. It was a successful attempt, both as a whole and as a draft for a parent mini. So I decided to bake it and keep it. Cause one just could not squash those eyes.

To get back at painting after almost 9 months without even touching a brush, I thought I might just give some colors to the dude. I chose the color scheme and the painting technique I'm the most confortable with, and went on a fun ride with multiple layers of well diluted paint.

The monster is a bit less than 2cm tall. Here's an idea of its size, when placed on a standard GW small plastic base.

The painting was done with Coat d'Arms acrylic paints and a brush. It was finished on November 24, 2014. Plain fun, and a warm "welcome back" at painting.

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